How Our Services Works

BACCR has a growing base of exclusive and carefully selected online business Partners with substantial and proven business visitor traffic to their websites.

These Partner business websites feature your product display advertising.

You target buyers for products you sell by tagging these by business sector and category. Buyers search in the same manner.

BACCR serves your product display advertisements in static positions and dynamically. This means that any buyer searching a product category – as your product is tagged, is again presented with your product display advert. The buyer simply clicks your advert and is taken to your detailed product page at where they can determine in detail and buy your product.

BACCR product display adverts are created from detailed products pages at

You can create detailed products pages at XAfricaMart free of charge.

Alternatively, BACCR can complete detailed product pages for you. Our Service and Design team ensure the highest standards for every product and require your acceptance before any page goes live.

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