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We sell affordable online B2B advertising geared to accelerate business sales and growth.

Business Accelerator is a business marketer’s online budget dream come true.

Target buyers by interest. Display adverts reach thousands of business buyers that visit our SA Partner business websites every day and seamlessly drive leads, payment-secured orders and invoice settlements in record time. Grow new business - risk-free. Our subscription advertising is affordable, measurable and exclusively linked to safe-trade-enabled product displays at XAfricaMart.com

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Our Partners

South Africa Business Directory

Companies list at the SA Business Directory to make their business more accessible and to help improve search ranking.

X Africa Mart

XAfricaMart.com is Africa’s first online B2B marketplace where business happens online - without financial risk to either transacting party.

New Product News

New Product News is a digital trade magazine in flip book format. The magazine will target 500 000 SA Business Directory business as readers keen to stay alert to trade news and new products and solutions.

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